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Lindsay Saunders

Greenville Home Girls, LLC

After being involved with the purchase of her first home in South Carolina, Lindsay Saunders went through the experience of a 3-year lawsuit against the previous owner, and builder, real estate brokerage, and inspectors. What Lindsay learned through this experience was that the law did not protect the consumer, the persons who were at fault were not held accountable or responsible, nor did they have any insurance to cover their negligence. Lindsay has made it her goal to turn her negative experience into a positive experience for her clients. Lindsay takes the extra time to make sure her clients understand the process of buying or selling a home. 


Before pursuing her career in real estate in 2007, Lindsay had a career in massage therapy and natural healing (which she greatly enjoys doing). She truly believes this training gave her the capacity to be a wonderfully compassionate real estate agent. Not to mention, being trained by the best in customer service during her many years in the service industry. Lindsay has carried those traits and talents into her real estate business, and has benefited from it greatly. You can, too! Let her experience be your gain.


Lindsay's mission is not her commission. Her mission is to protect her clients’ best interests, investments, and future. All while making deals in high heels!


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